Time Out says

There's plenty of frank sex talk when director/co-writer Boyd takes his Steadicam through doors normally marked private. No sooner have the credits rolled than we're with Katie (Kensit) in the bathroom of her New York apartment, where she scrubs her feet in the bidet and delivers her first direct-to-camera monologue about sex and friendship. Cue a series of flashbacks to her life in London: Dad (Shepherd) endures a failed marriage, her lovers (Sewell and Ryecart) are respectively on drugs and married, and her confidante (Thompson) is a compulsive eater. The discursive approach is strangely alienating, and too often the relationships smack of contrivance. Kensit brings the right buoyancy to some of her monologues, but there's not enough introspection for the more demanding emotional exchanges.

By: CM


Release details

101 mins

Cast and crew

Don Boyd
Don Boyd, Zoe Heller
Patsy Kensit
Jack Shepherd
Rufus Sewell
Maynard Eziashi
Patrick Ryecart
Sophie Thompson
Susan Wooldridge
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