Twice in a Lifetime


Time Out says

Yorkin sets up a family drama with Hackman as paterfamilias, Burstyn devoted wife, Dennehy drinking chum, Madigan married daughter, Sheedy unmarried daughter. Having given us the satiric Divorce American Style two decades ago, he now serves up 'Divorce Serious Style', with Hackman falling for barmaid Ann-Margret. But while there is an admirable depiction of 'real' people at work or settling down for the big match with a six-pack, the material is still no more than the great middle class drama of adultery, worked out with its very familiar rows and guilts. The acting, however, is a fascinating primer in just who can handle the medium. Burstyn and Madigan come out as if born to the art. CPea.

By: CPea


Release details

117 mins

Cast and crew

Bud Yorkin
Colin Welland
Gene Hackman
Ellen Burstyn
Amy Madigan
Ally Sheedy
Brian Dennehy
Stephen Lang
Darrell Larson
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