Twin Sisters


Time Out says

This is reportedly based on a Dutch bestseller – unsurprising, perhaps, given the schematic, sentimental, simplistic account of history it provides. Separated in 1926 when their folks die, six-year-olds Lotte and Anna are allotted neatly polarised but parallel destinies: the former is swept off to Holland by a well-to-do, liberal but overprotective couple, while the latter is left behind in Germany to slave on a filthy farm for boorish, brutally cruel Catholics. As each thereafter makes her predictable way in a world increasingly affected by Hitler and anti-Semitism, they communicate only telepathically (letters are sabotaged by their guardians) until 1939, at which conveniently fateful point the tidily tragic destinies allotted their respective lovers tear them apart again – until, of course, old age… This clichéd chronicle of solitude, suffering, grief and guilt is heavily underlined by a churning orchestral score and camerawork that’s consistently, insistently tasteful (even sex and carnage are inoffensively discreet). Nor can decent performances deepen the pallid approach to characterisation. Not good.


Release details

Release date:
Friday May 6 2005
137 mins

Cast and crew

Ben Sombogaart
Marieke vam der Pol
Ellen Vogel
Nadja Uhl
Thekla Reuten
Gudrun Okras
Jereon Spitzenberger
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