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Like Waddington's later, delicious Me You Them, this centres on the sharing out of sexual favours, and does so to both serious and slyly amusing effect. Torres (from Salles' Foreign Land and Midnight) gives a virtuoso performance as the identical twins who, to their widower father's dismay and unbeknown to their lovers, like exchanging places on dates. When Iara falls for Omar, Marilena - out of possessiveness or because they feel so alike? - wants him for herself too. From a story by playwright Nelson Rodrigues, this dark melodrama sounds echoes of Hitchcock and Siodmak, while having great fun confounding and deceiving both Omar (himself none too averse to a bit of exploitation) and the audience. Stylish, thought-provoking and very entertaining.

By: GA


Release details

75 mins

Cast and crew

Andrucha Waddington
Nelson Rodrigues, Elena Soares, Andrucha Waddington
Fernanda Torres
Evandro Mesquita
Francisco Cuoco
Fernanda Montenegro
Caio Junqueira
Matheus Nachtergaele
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