Two if by Sea

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Co-written by spitball comedian Leary, whose previous, far superior vehicle Hostile Hostages, met with similar lack of attention by its distributors both in Britain and the US, this is a romantic comedy from the wrong side of the tracks. Leary's a small-time, small-thinking Boston thief and decorator, who takes along girlfriend Bullock when he steals a 'Henry Matis' painting so they can enjoy a weekend away from it all in Rhode Island, where he's to make the sale. Kotto reprises his Midnight Run role as the FBI man on their (very exposed) tail, and Dillane is the wealthy sophisticate who romances Bullock right in front of her blue-collar beau. It begins smartly, and occasionally serves up the kind of venomous, vulgar put-down at which Leary excels, but the invention fades and Bullock is really just along for the ride.

By: TCh


Release details

96 mins

Cast and crew

Bill Bennett
Denis Leary, Mike Armstrong
Denis Leary
Sandra Bullock
Stephen Dillane
Yaphet Kotto
Mike Starr
Jonathan Tucker
Wayne Robson
Michael Badalucco
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