Two Much


Time Out says

Banderas is Art Dodge, a Miami art dealer, and Griffith is Betty Kerner, a fabulously wealthy divorcee. She thinks he'll make a virile third husband; he thinks she's the answer to his financial problems - and we think she's far too old for him. No surprise, then, when he falls for her younger sister Liz (Hannah). He dons wire-rimmed specs, wears his hair down, and - hey presto! - meet Art's twin Bart. Cue bed-hopping, wardrobe changes and contrivance. A big hit in Spain, and a considerable flop in the US, the film was adapted from a Donald Westlake novel and goes through the motions of classic screwball farce. Everything, however, feels stilted and second-hand.


Release details

118 mins

Cast and crew

Fernando Trueba
Fernando Trueba, David Trueba, Menno Meyjes
Antonio Banderas
Melanie Griffith
Daryl Hannah
Danny Aiello
Joan Cusack
Eli Wallach
Austin Pendleton