Two Mules for Sister Sara

Film, Action and adventure
Two Mules for Sister Sara

Time Out says

A witty and slightly whimsical Western, which teams MacLaine - as a whore playing at being a nun - with the ever-chivalrous Eastwood as the man who steps in and prevents a three-way desert rape by drunken bandits. They go on to become involved with the Mexican revolutionary movement, with Eastwood's respect for her chastity becoming increasingly strained and her true profession coming in handy for infiltrating an enemy fort. Siegel devotees will find much to enjoy in the languid but not unexciting story by

Budd Boetticher

(who was originally to direct himself).

By: VG


Release details

116 mins

Cast and crew

Don Siegel
Albert Maltz, Budd Boetticher
Shirley MacLaine
Alberto Morin
Manolo Fabregas
Armando Silvestre
Clint Eastwood
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