Two of a Kind

Film, Drama

Time Out says

God, returning to heaven after a holiday, decides to wipe out the errant human race. The archangels, earning a stay of execution provided two randomly selected specimens prove to be Good, rest their case upon Zack (Travolta) and Debbie (Newton-John): he immediately holds up a bank, and she walks off with the loot. What follows is a rather complicated orchestration, with musical interludes, of this simple story in which Good and Evil battle it out with Zack and Debbie in between, as oblivious to all these earth-stopping machinations as the teenagers flocking to see Hollywood's best-brushed teeth will be to superior antecedents like A Matter of Life and Death. There are worse ways to spend an afternoon.

By: FD


Release details

87 mins

Cast and crew

John Herzfeld
John Herzfeld
John Travolta
Olivia Newton-John
Charles Durning
Oliver Reed
Beatrice Straight
Scatman Crothers
Richard Bright
Vincent Bufano
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