Ugetsu Monogatari


Time Out says

Mizoguchi's best-known work, based on two stories by the 18th century writer Akinari Ueda (often described as the Japanese Maupassant), was one of a handful of Japanese films to sweep up numerous awards at European festivals in the early '50s. Its reputation as one of Mizoguchi's finest works and a landmark of the Japanese 'art' cinema has remained undented ever since. The director's unique establishment of atmosphere by means of long shot, long takes, sublimely graceful and unobtrusive camera movement, is everywhere evident in his treatment of the legend of a potter who leaves his family to market his wares during the ravages of a civil war, and is taken in and seduced by a ghost princess. A ravishingly composed, evocatively beautiful film.


Release details

96 mins

Cast and crew

Kenji Mizoguchi
Matsutaro Kawaguchi, Yoshikata Yoda
Masayuki Mori
Machiko Kyo
Sakae Ozawa
Mitsuko Mito
Kinuyo Tanaka
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