Un Chien Andalou

Film, Drama
Un chien andalou

Time Out says

Prelude: a young woman sits compliantly as Buñuel takes a razor and slices her eye open. What follows is a documentary rendering of the dream state, of dream logic; and/or a surrealist exposition involving, for example, a swarm of ants, underarm hair, a striped box, all addressing each other opaquely; and/or a Freudian sexual smorgasbord, with everything symbolising something else; and/or a contrivance by two ambitious young Spaniards to offer as much outrageousness as an artistic alibi can cover. And so on. Originally a silent, but three soundtrack versions are around, one containing the original (disc) accompaniment of Tristan and Isolde plus a tango, the others with specially composed scores by, respectively, Mauricio Kagel and Martin Matalon.


Release details

16 mins

Cast and crew

Luis Buñuel
Salvador Dali, Luis Buñuel
Jeanne Rucas
Jaime Miravilles
Pierre Batcheff
Luis Buñuel
Simone Mareuil
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