Un Condamné à mort s'est échappé

Film, Drama

Time Out says

The true story of a French Resistance worker's escape from imprisonment by the Gestapo in the Montluc fortress at Lyon was the inspiration for A Man Escaped: 'The story is true. I give it as it is, without embellishment,' claimed Bresson. However, by pushing through the authentic details into a more transcendental realm, Bresson in fact subtly transforms the simple story into a metaphysical meditation. This he does by introducing an unseen, transcendental force which helps the young man in simple but crucial ways: 'I would like to show this miracle: an invisible hand over the prison, directing what happens and causing such a thing to succeed for one and not another...the film is a mystery...The Spirit breathes where it will.' The kind of film which inspires awe, even in an atheist.


Release details

102 mins

Cast and crew

Robert Bresson
Robert Bresson
François Leterrier
Jean-Paul Delhumeau
Maurice Beerblock
Charles le Clainche
Jacques Ertaud
Roland Monod
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