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Time Out says

Paulette Goddard runs a typically lusty DeMille gamut from torture by Indians to saucy bath scene as an English wench deported to America for theft in the 1760s (she's innocent, of course), and finding a champion in Gary Cooper's Virginia militiaman. Nicely shot in colour, but overlong and curiously listless despite all the bustling adventures (and hilariously ludicrous dialogue). It isn't exactly improved by the lumbering right wing allegory which has Howard da Silva being un-American in subverting the Indians while Coop upholds the anti-Red American way of life.

By: TM


Release details

147 mins

Cast and crew

Cecil B DeMille
Charles Bennett, Fredric M Frank, Jesse L Lasky Jr
Gary Cooper
Paulette Goddard
Howard da Silva
Boris Karloff
Cecil Kellaway
Ward Bond
Katherine DeMille
C Aubrey Smith
Henry Wilcoxon
Lloyd Bridges
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