Under the Cherry Moon

Film, Drama

Time Out says

Prince portrays a pianist/gigolo, on the make on the French Riviera until true love puts an end to his philandering and, ultimately, to his life. A moral tale indeed. Wiry and perched on high heels, he makes an unlikely gigolo, which any amount of coy pouting and flashing eye contact cannot disguise. He is, of course, lampooning himself wildly (isn't he?). His buddy (Benton, currently one of his backing singers) is a far more believable character, in what is rather a wasted supporting cast. Shot in black-and-white in an attempt to evoke the sophisticated burr of '40s films, its intent is hamstrung by over-familiar gags, though the script comes more to life when Prince and Benton lapse into black street talk during their pursuit of moneyed women.

By: GBr


Release details

100 mins

Cast and crew

Becky Johnston
Jerome Benton
Kristin Scott-Thomas
Steven Berkoff
Emmanuelle Sallet
Alexandra Stewart
Francesca Annis
Victor Spinetti
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