Understanding Jane

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Two very laddish lads meet up with a couple of girls through a Lonely Hearts ad, get ripped off and decide to wreak revenge. This meeting-cute premise paves the way for a troubled, tentative relationship between two of the quartet - Jane being unpredictable, abrasive and morose (well, she's a girl, ain't she). Despite its downbeat, modish pretensions (it sometimes comes across as a British response to Kevin Smith), this is in the end a conventionally romantic affair which never quite distances itself enough from its relentlessly male point of view. But the sometimes implausible plotting, the very evident limitations of the budget, and the excessive use of pop cultural allusions are offset by sturdy performances, a number of decent gags, and the enthusiasm and commitment of all involved.

By: GA


Release details

99 mins

Cast and crew

Caleb Lindsay
Jim Mummery
Kevin McKidd
John Simm
Amelia Curtis
Louisa Milwood Haigh
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