Une Chance sur Deux


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Leconte dumbs himself down with this not even faintly plausible tale involving car thief Paradis seeking out dodderers Belmondo and Delon, either of whom, she's just learned, could be her father. Light comedy gives way to action when she falls foul of the kill-everyone-in-sight Russian Mafia. But what the Slavic slimeballs don't know is that Vanessa's by now doting putative papas used to be the toughest desperados on the scene. Cue car chases, explosions, shoot-outs, the usual. The spectacle of the two old pros back in action has a certain fascination, despite much inappropriate grinning. And Leconte duly inserts a musical reminiscence of Borsalino and jokes about Belmondo doing his own stunts. 'This is the last time!' he puffs during an energetic car-to-helicopter transfer. Otherwise, nothing of real interest to record.

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