Une Femme entre Chien et Loup


Time Out says

Elliptical tale of a World War II triangle (and its aftermath) in which a Belgian woman falls for a French-speaking Resistance leader while her husband, an idealistic Flemish-speaking nationalist, is serving on the eastern front as a volunteer with the German SS. Delicately shaded and much less schematic than it sounds, it still emerges as little more than a specifically Belgian/Flemish rehash of the usual traumas. Exquisitely shot, but a disappointment from the usually evocative and subtle Delvaux.


Release details

111 mins

Cast and crew

André Delvaux
Ivo Michels, André Delvaux
Marie-Christine Barrault
Roger Van Hool
Rutger Hauer
Bert André
Raf Reyman
Senne Rouffaer
Mathieu Carrière
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