Une Histoire inventée

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

This bizarre farrago of Québecois humour raises a few laughs and just about makes sense, but rarely at the same time. It revolves around an arty production of Othello, staged by a manic director (Nardi) whose ex-mobster uncle has roped in the Palermo old folks club to attend every performance. Or around a boozy cop (Messier), first seen having a mild altercation with a rambunctious parrot; or a jazz trumpeter (Lapointe) whose on-the-skids trio is being rent asunder by sorrows romantic and religious; or a love goddess (Marleau) whose 40 ex-swains follow her around in a moonstruck cortège; or even her daughter (Laurier), agonising over a two-timing Othello. There's some of the flavour of an Alan Rudolph movie - the characters keep bouncing off each other in the same desultory way - but there's too much reliance on running gags that don't really run anywhere. The cast's great, though, and Forcier has a way of making bleak old Montreal look charmingly baroque.


Release details

100 mins

Cast and crew

André Forcier
André Forcier, Jacques Marcotte
Jean Lapointe
Louise Marleau
Charlotte Laurier
Marc Messier
Jean-François Pichette
France Castel
Tony Nardi
Marc Gélinas
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