Une Semaine de Vacances


Time Out says

Twelve years on from 1968, and the children of Marx and Coca-Cola are hitting their first mid-life crises' - in this case forcing a Lyonnaise teacher (Baye) to take une semaine de vacances and reassess her life. Tavernier avoids the reactionary ploys of 'unmarried women' stories, and his combination of solidly-crafted European finesse and fluid transatlantic shooting style effectively staves off intimations of the film's middlebrow nature. At the same time, the tentative celebrations of life's minor felicities - food, friendship, a community of good, nameless people - provide genuine warmth, and the final mood of cautious optimism is justified surprisingly well. CPea.

By: CPea


Release details

103 mins

Cast and crew

Bertrand Tavernier
Bertrand Tavernier, Marie-Françoise Hans, Colo Tavernier
Nathalie Baye
Michel Galabru
Philippe Noiret
Flore Fitzgerald
Gérard Lanvin
Jean Dasté
Philippe Léotard
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