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Time Out says

The Last Seduction looked like a career maker for director Dahl and star Fiorentino, but four long years on, this dire effort suggests it could have been a flash in the pan. Liotta is Dr David Krane, a forensic scientist in the coroner's department. An ex-alcoholic, he's still suspected of his wife's murder, a night he can't remember but will never forget. Then he meets neuro-biologist Martha Briggs (Fiorentino), who claims to have identified a serum which enables her to transfer the memory of lab rats, and the movie takes a terminal credibility dive. Inspired by the rats, and undeterred by potentially lethal side effects, Krane volunteers as a human guinea pig, sampling memory cells taken from his wife's autopsy and sundry victims of a serial killer. Bill Geddie's script is a lame whodunit with a lunatic gimmick and a bad dose of the flashbacks. Fiorentino does her best, but her hands are tied.

By: TCh


Release details

117 mins

Cast and crew

John Dahl
Bill Geddie
Ray Liotta
Linda Fiorentino
Peter Coyotte
Christopher McDonald
Kim Cattrall
Kim Coates
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