Union City


Time Out says

A film of relentless tediousness. Based loosely on a Cornell Woolrich story, it's about a placid accountant, with a bored, frustrated wife, who gets so worked up by someone stealing his milk delivery every day that he eventually turns to murder. Admittedly Edward Lachman's gaudy camerawork is very accomplished, and the attention to period detail (New Jersey, '53) is admirable, if superfluous; but the monotonous acting, total lack of suspense, and endless punk chic makes it less a tribute than an insult to classic film noir.

By: GA


Release details

87 mins

Cast and crew

Mark Reichert
Mark Reichert
Dennis Lipscomb
Deborah Harry
Irina Maleeva
Everett McGill
Sam McMurray
Taylor Mead
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