Up and Down


Time Out says

If its title were a true indication of what follows, one could reasonably expect Up and Down to deliver a touch of hilarity, some bittersweet pathos, maybe a zing of lowbrow slapstick. No such luck. Jan Hrebejk's comedy is actually more of a sidelong proposition, a Pulp Fiction–style ensemble movie set in contemporary Prague that deadens you with consistently winking irony and random bits of unresolved business. The characters include a sweet-natured security guard (Machácek), his unsatisfied wife (Berger) and a high-energy professor (Triska) whose declining health throws his nuclear family into turmoil.

By: JR


Release details

108 mins

Cast and crew

Jan Hrebejk
Natasa Burger
Jirí Machácek
Jan Triska
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