Up the Sandbox


Time Out says

Good old Hollywood doing its bit to keep the giggles going about Women's Lib. The wife of a radical prof at Columbia, Streisand feels somewhat dissatisfied with life. Egged on by the more forthright comments of housewife/mother friends, and hormonally motivated by the fact that she is pregnant for the third time, she enacts the problems of her marriage through a series of fantasies: a confrontation with a South American revolutionary who turns out to be a woman, a hair-tearing session with her possessive Jewish mother, a cathartic attack on her devoted husband, and one about abortion where she drifts through a children's playground in a white gown on the operating-table. In spite of a number of funny lines, it all ends up as though happy-ever-after had only just been invented. Well, we always knew that women - especially stars - were really content just to be wives and mothers.

By: MV


Release details

98 mins

Cast and crew

Irvin Kershner
Paul Zindel
Barbra Streisand
David Selby
Jane Hoffman
Jacobo Morales
John C Becher
Paul Benedict
Paul Dooley
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