Up Your Alley

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Here we have Linda Blair in her 'comedy debut' as a yuppy junior reporter dressing up as a bag lady in order to write a tear-jerking piece about 'street people'. In no time at all she's falling in lurve with the cutest derelict in town (Langston), giving her smarmy editor the thumbs-down for the hot-tub option, and helping to solve a murder. And all without the aid of make-up! Unusually, she manages to make it through the entire movie without getting imprisoned, raped, abused, possessed or murdered. The whole thing is fittingly low budget: it looks like it was filmed in about four days.

By: MK


Release details

88 mins

Cast and crew

Bob Logan
Murray Langston, Bob Logan
Linda Blair
Murray Langston
Bob Zany
Kevin Benton
Ruth Buzzi
Glen Vincent
Jack Hanrahan
Melissa Shear
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