UPA! An Argentine Film (UPA! Una pelíca argentina)


Time Out says

If one were to receive a penny for every time you read or heard a filmmaker bemoan the lack of funding in film, you’d probably have a nice little nest-egg by now. The filmmakers at the centre of ‘UPA!...’ have got the money side all sorted, it’s with everything else they’ve got a problem, from the grandiose cinematic schemes of their preening director, a producer who’s less than willing to invest all her time and effort in the project and a miserable leading lady whose role in the film is constantly hanging in the balance. Recalling such film-within-a-film treats as ‘American Movie’ and ‘Living in Oblivion’, this perhaps has a little more bark than it does bite, but in documenting the sometimes uncomfortable frisson between divergent personalities on a film set, it’s works just fine.

By: David Jenkins



Release details

91 mins

Cast and crew

Tamae Garateguy, Santiago Giralt, Camila Toker
Tamae Garateguy
Santiago Giralt
Camila Toker
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