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Time Out says

This overly ambitious film, part documentary and part fantasy, is centered around a research project on the policing of cottaging (or 'washroom sex', as Canadians term it) in Ontario. The most interesting parts of the film (revealing the lengths that the Canadian police go to, including the use of agents provocateurs and video surveillance, in order to make easy arrests and bump up prosecution figures) are the interviews with men who have been charged with 'gross indecency', with gay activists, with a lawyer working on behalf of prosecuted gay men, and with Svend Robinson, Canada's first 'out' gay MP. Unfortunately, you also have to wade through a nonsensical framework involving the ghosts of famous lesbian, gay and bisexual figures (including Eisenstein, Frida Kahlo, Mishima and Langston Hughes), who are summoned to the garden of two dead Toronto sculptors to talk about the history of lavatories and debate the question of police entrapment. Aiming for imagination, it just becomes weird... and boring.

By: MG


Release details

100 mins

Cast and crew

John Greyson
John Greyson
Pauline Carey
Paul Bettis
George Spelvin
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