V I Warshawski

Film, Thrillers

Time Out says

Even stripped of her liberal politics and souped up to Emma Peel levels of retaliation, thriller-writer Sara Paretsky's private eye V I Warshawski (Turner) should have been a plausible alternative to the screen's male peepers. Kanew's vehicle, however, proves a wheel-clamped affair. Hired by foul-mouthed but vulnerable 13-year-old Kat (Goethals) to find out who killed her dad, V I digs into the case, which turns out to be a disappointing piece of all-purpose fluff about an inheritance. Since she's out there on her own, V I has a pit-stop team comprising on-off lover Murray (Sanders) and a caring cop who knew her way back when (Durning); and some of the interchanges between them recall, in a debased form, the old Howard Hawks routines for bantering buddies. The hook is Warshawski's feminism, delivered, and the relationship with the kid, vastly borrowed from Cassavetes' wonderful Gloria. Not good.

By: BC


Release details

89 mins

Cast and crew

Jeff Kanew
David Aaron Cohen, Edward Taylor, Nick Thiel
Kathleen Turner
Jay O Sanders
Charles Durning
Angela Goethals
Nancy Paul
Frederick Coffin
Charles McCaughan
Stephen Meadows
Wayne Knight
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