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Time Out says

Clive Donner had been living in limbo since the famous disaster of Alfred the Great, but making a movie like Vampira is no way to set any man's career to rights. It's a horror spoof with no sense of style and no sense of humour, for which Jeremy Lloyd's infantile script is as much to blame as Donner's slap-happy direction. Count Dracula's beloved Vampira is mistakenly brought back to life black rather than white, and Dracula (Niven) runs amok in a still-swinging London trying to find an antidote - a plotline which provides sufficient excuse for jokes and wheezes that one thought had gone out with The Munsters. One consolation is that the movie wasn't called 'Fangs Ain't Wot They Used To Be'.

By: GB


Release details

88 mins

Cast and crew

Clive Donner
Jeremy Lloyd
David Niven
Teresa Graves
Peter Bayliss
Jennie Linden
Nicky Henson
Linda Hayden
Bernard Bresslaw
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