Vampire at Midnight

Film, Horror

Time Out says

Count Drac (Vintas) is unalive and well and living in Beverly Hills. He is a hypnotherapist. As might be expected, there's a lot of necking of one form or another. The barely existent plot is padded out with a sequence of dirty dancing and several pairs of naked breasts. Also, the dumb detective (Williams) gets handcuffed to his bed and raped by a lustful colleague. It's OK, she's a woman. Scares don't come into it, and the general corn-flakiness of the whole enterprise just goes to show that old Terror Teeth was one of the very first cereal killers.

By: MS


Release details

93 mins

Cast and crew

Gregory McClatchy
Dulany Ross Clements
Jason Williams
Gustav Vintas
Lesley Milne
Jeanie Moore
Esther Alise
Ted Hamaguchi
Robert Random
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