Film, Horror

Time Out says

Written by blood-and-guts flavour of the month Kathy Acker, and directed by New York feminist film-maker Gordon, this boldly goes into feminine response to pornography - and the results are by no means predictable. Christine (McLeod) takes a job as a ticket vendor at a porn cinema; she finds herself slowly drawn towards both the ambience depicted on the screen and to one of the older clients, Louis (Davidson), a suave shark with apparent Mafia connections. She follows him around, eavesdropping on his world of very masculine power and money, while simultaneously indulging her curiosity in the equally voyeuristic roles played out in sex shops and movie houses. The elision of the two worlds is a good device, and well handled, for is not every sexual adventure also a form of detection? The film is not prescriptive in its designs, nor is it remotely prurient. A brave foray across a minefield. CPea.

By: CPea


Release details

100 mins

Cast and crew

Bette Gordon
Kathy Acker
Sandy McLeod
Luis Guzman
Will Patton
Nan Goldin
Richard Davidson
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