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Time Out says

Despite a sturdy, occasionally subtle performance from Depardieu, cast (predictably) as the life-loving master of entertainments, burdened by his debt-ridden aristo employer (Glover) with the responsibility of providing food, music, theatre, etc, for the visiting Louis XIV (Sands), this tepid costumer is as much a hollow, purposelessly extravagant spectacle as the court shenanigans it depicts. The plot, such as it is, centres on the triangular romantic/sexual intrigues between principled lady-in-waiting Thurman, salt-of-the-earth Depardieu, and the king's malicious righthand wig Roth. For a movie about food, sensuality and passion, it's strikingly undernourished.


Release details

117 mins

Cast and crew

Roland Joffé
Jeanne Labrune, Tom Stoppard
Julian Glover
Uma Thurman
Murray Lachlan Young
Julian Sands
Gérard Depardieu
Hywel Bennett
Arielle Dombasle
Tim Roth
Richard Griffiths
Timothy Spall
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