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Time Out says

Woefully archaic in its British B-pic reliance on very cheap thrills and very worn dramatic clichés, and without any self-parodic saving grace, Venom spells box-office poison. A kidnapped kid, a killer snake loose in the house, sibilant Teuton Kinski and sneering Bulldog Reed hamming villainy against each other, and Nicol Williamson the sorely tried bobby out in the sealed-off London street. Get the picture? There is more (by way of disgressive star turns, that is), but never enough to raise a glimmer of interest or tension in the static rituals of siege cinema.

By: PT


Release details

92 mins

Cast and crew

Piers Haggard
Robert Carrington
Sterling Hayden
Klaus Kinski
Sarah Miles
Oliver Reed
Cornelia Sharpe
Nicol Williamson
Susan George
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