Victory at Entebbe

Film, Action and adventure

Time Out says

Six months after the event came the first of the action replays of the Entebbe hijack. Flatly directed and poorly shot on video (the TV version ran 150 minutes), it offers a sorry approximation to a sub-standard disaster movie rather than any semblance of truth. That Mrs Bloch has become the uncommonly wise Mrs Wise (Helen Hayes, angelically wistful) is fair example of the confection on offer. Rather than examine the hijacking in context, the film instead revives the spectre of Nazi Jewish oppression. Amin (atrociously portrayed by Harris) is 'the builder of a memorial to Hitler', the hijackers relentless Teutonic fanatics, which causes the Jewish hijacked to indulge in much emoting and dredging of their collective consciousness. Of all the stars paraded to no effect, the wooden Helmut Berger gives the most flexible performance.

By: CPe


Release details

119 mins

Cast and crew

Marvin J Chomsky
Ernest Kinoy
Helmut Berger
Linda Blair
Kirk Douglas
Richard Dreyfuss
Julius Harris
Helen Hayes
Anthony Hopkins
Burt Lancaster
Christian Marquand
Elizabeth Taylor
Jessica Walter
Harris Yulin
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