Vieille Canaille


Time Out says

More French recycling of American pulp fiction. Fredric Brown's 1954 novel His Name Was Death is mainstream noir, the tale of a forger's efforts to retrieve some incriminating bills, every step plunging him deeper into nightmare. This adaptation is reasonably faithful to the letter of the novel, but radically modifies it as regards tone and intention. The geographical setting is now Lyon, the spiritual setting in the vicinity of Ealing, with much whimsical detail and a central role for Serrault that allows him Guinness-like scope for disguises and eccentric comportment. Admirers of the star will find this a highly congenial vehicle, but noir addicts may feel somewhat let down.

By: BBa


Release details

99 mins

Cast and crew

Gérard Jourd'hui
Gérard Jourd'hui, Dominique Roulet
Catherine Frot
Pierre Richard
Anna Galiena
Michel Serrault
Jean-Pierre Bouvier
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