Violent Saturday

Film, Thrillers

Time Out says

A competent bank job movie that takes place in the widescreen DeLuxe Color burning light of the Midwest noonday sun, without a shadow in sight. Any movie which features Mature, Borgnine and Marvin has to be some kind of primer in slobdom; but in fact Borgnine plays a religious fundamentalist farmer, and hero Mature soon becomes marginal when up against Marvin's minimal performance as a loose-lipped killer with a permanent head cold. Growling that women and children 'make me nervous', he can make his continual inhalation of benzedrine look like deep degeneracy. When a boy knocks the nasal spray out of his hand, he treads all over the kid's fingers. Sadly, Fleischer takes attention away from the action and into a moral battleground back at the farm, but Borgnine finally gets his pitchfork into Marvin's back. The devil you know...

By: CPea


Release details

Cast and crew

Richard Fleischer
Sydney Boehm
Victor Mature
Richard Egan
Stephen McNally
Lee Marvin
Sylvia Sidney
Ernest Borgnine
Tommy Noonan
J Carrol Naish
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