Visible Secret


Time Out says

Hairdresser Peter (Chan) meets the mysterious June (Shu, unrecognisable in a dark wig and heavy make-up) as she's busy ditching her ex in a crowded disco. They start dating and soon shack up together, but weird shit starts happening around them: possessed neighbours, friends with inexplicable compulsions to paint rooms red, dad gibbering in the bathroom when he's supposed to be secure in a nursing home - that sort of thing. Turns out that June can see ghosts through one eye, but the amulet that keeps this unwelcome talent under control is losing its potency. Time to get a new one - which leads the couple into ever deeper waters, including those of Peter's own memory. Maybe Hui was forced into this by the commercial failure of Ordinary Heroes, or maybe she wanted to revisit the ghost-story sites of her early hit The Spooky Bunch. Either way, this is a likeable entertainment.

By: TR


Release details

98 mins

Cast and crew

Ann Hui
Abe Kwong
Shu Qi
Eason Chan
Sam Lee
James Wong
Wai Ying-Hung
Anthony Wong
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