Vive l'Amour


Time Out says

A lot of city life flows through Tsai's masterly follow-up to Rebels of the Neon God, but our attention is focused on just three people. Mei, a woman pushing middle age, lives alone, sells real estate and longs to be loved. Hsiao Kang has left home and sells burial lockers in a new designer cemetery; possibly gay, he longs to love someone. And the cocky Ah Jung sometimes sells clothes at the night market; he neither loves anyone, nor feels any need to be loved. Watching Tsai manoeuvre these people into proximity with each other so that their lives may be changed is a large part of the film's pleasure, but it doesn't eclipse the sheer joy of discovering gradually where the film's own heart lies. Funny and heartbreakingly sad.


Release details

118 mins

Cast and crew

Tsai Ming-liang
Tsai Ming-liang, Yang Pi-Ying, Tsai Yi-Chun
Yang Kuei-mei
Chen Chao-jung
Lee Kang-sheng