Film, Thrillers

Time Out says

A somewhat pale shadow of Dead Calm. Before going on a Mediterranean sailing trip to help their ailing marriage, Morgan (Hauer) and Kit Norvell (Allen) meet Gil Freeland (Roberts) at their Class of '72 college reunion. Gil, now a dentist, and wife Ronnie (Nielsen) invite themselves on board and proceed in the nasty, psychotic behaviour we just knew lay behind those sweet smiles. In the end, Hauer works out the murderous plot, and, clutching Roberts' dental bag, exclaims, 'These teeth were meant for us!' Heavy signposting, insistent Carl Davis score; not bad performances.

By: FM


Release details

58 mins

Cast and crew

John MacKenzie
Mark Mongomery
Rutger Hauer
Eric Roberts
Karen Allen
Connie Nielsen
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