W.C. Fields and Me


Time Out says

Based on the ghost-written memoirs of the comedian's 'last mistress' Carlotta Monti (played here by Perrine), this witless biopic leaps through pseudo-history with cretinous inaccuracy. Sloppily slung together, hell-bent on wringing hearts with the drama of the last, lonely, drink-sodden years, it can't get even the simplest facts straight, and doesn't do much of a job on the tear-jerking either. Nose heavily reinforced and voice caressing insults in the approved manner, Steiger makes a brave stab at the part, but the reality and genius of Fields never get a look in.

By: TM


Release details

112 mins

Cast and crew

Arthur Hiller
Bob Merrill
Rod Steiger
Valerie Perrine
Jack Cassidy
Billy Barty
Paul Stewart
John Marley
Dana Elcar
Bernadette Peters
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