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When Clare (Hazlehurst) agrees to become a surrogate mother for her friend Sandy (Jones), the pregnancy proves less worrying than the behaviour of old friends. With the big day approaching, the friends converge on Clare's rambling farmhouse outside Sydney to help, hinder, bicker and worry. Sandy is accompanied by her right-on husband (Whitten) and adopted children; feminist film-maker Terry (Press) brings her daughter and throws herself into making a documentary; and glamorous fashion editor Diane (Lee-Furness) comes with wealthy boyfriend (Moore) in tow. Writer/director McKimmie creates an almost casual rhythm, concentrating on character and incidental details in the build-up to a series of confrontations and revelations. Some longueurs strain patience, and compounding our detachment is the way certain characters observe and analyse others' behaviour. Still, sympathetic performances and a fair amount of humour deflate pomposity.

By: CM


Release details

94 mins

Cast and crew

Jackie McKimmie
Jackie McKimmie
Noni Hazlehurst
Deborah Lee-Furness
Frank Whitten
Helen Jones
Denis Moore
Fiona Press
Ray Barrett
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