Wake Up, Love


Time Out says

This romantic drama follows the efforts of one Ricardo (Leyrado) - nicknamed 'Elvis' for his all too evident belief in rock'n'roll as a way of keeping young at heart - to reassemble the old college crowd of 30 years back. During preparations for the reunion, his wife Ana (Silveyra) rekindles her torch for Ernesto 'The King of Insomnia' (Grandinetti), a senior journalist of Hamlet-like melancholy, who in turn breaks his carnal fast with attractive cellist Silvia. Its nostalgic bent is expressed in a character's complaint that compared to the '60s, these days 'people's hearts are dry - it's ages since it rained dreams!' Using amusing kitschy flashbacks to old trysts, and Paul Anka-dominated parties (this is Argentina, don't forget), it's full of genuine feeling, nice comic touches (Ana pulling on her old jeans with the aid of coat hanger hook), all poetically swooned in sad but defiant music (Bach's Cello Suites 1-6) and poetry (Mario Beneddetti's).

By: WH


Release details

90 mins

Cast and crew

Eliseo Subiela
Eliseo Subiela
Darío Grandinetti
Juan Leyrado
Soledad Silveyra
Marilyn Solaya
Gustavo Garzón
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