War Feels Like War

Film, Documentaries

Time Out says

An immediate, fast-paced and often remarkably candid look at independent news coverage of the 2003 invasion and occupation of Iraq. Drawing a chronological line in the sand, from the pre-assault build up of hardware and 3,000 journalists in Kuwait onwards, Uyarra follows a handful of international journos with varying degrees of conflict experience as they navigate military management, while constantly on the lookout for a 'good' story. What constitutes 'good' - crowds desperate for food aid, corpses in the gutters, hospital mayhem and the wailing urgency of funerals - becomes the source of growing concern to some of the newer anchorfolk, unhappy about the 'death of affect' they might experience. The film doesn't shy away from questions of dehumanisation, casual brutalities and even occasional 'collusion' between hacks and grunts, and is also particularly strong on the mechanics of manoeuvring and the often absurd juxtapositions of extreme events with their instant playback. Strange days indeed.

By: GE


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59 mins

Cast and crew

Esteban Uyarra
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