Time Out says

This updated witch-finder movie eschews hardcore horror in favour of supernatural action adventure, with enjoyable results. Its master-stroke is the inspired casting of blond-haired wimp Sands as the suavely malevolent warlock, and raven-haired Grant as the witch-hunter. None too keen on being hanged and then burned over a basket of live cats, Sands uses his magic powers to escape across time, from 17th century Massachusetts to modern day Los Angeles, where waitress Singer is a little put out when she finds a cool-looking guy with a weird accent in her apartment, then really pissed off when Grant turns up in pursuit. But when Sands casts a spell which causes her to age 20 years every day, she teams up with Grant. Marred only by some silly dialogue and naff flying effects, the ensuing cross-country chase is confidently handled; and with the help of Sands' subtly evil performance, Miner tones down the violence while hinting at some really nasty stuff.

By: NF


Release details

102 mins

Cast and crew

Steve Miner
David N Twohy
Richard E Grant
Julian Sands
Lori Singer
Kevin O'Brien
Mary Woronov
Richard Kuss
Juli Burkhart
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