Water and Salt


Time Out says

Set in a small Portuguese coastal town, this intimate drama focuses on the breakdown of a relationship between introspective artist Ana (Ranzi) and her husband (de Almeida). She's terrified that he might abduct their four-year-old daughter. There's also an element of mystery: Ana becomes slowly drawn into the lives and problems of various misfits who live in the sleepy town. Seen almost entirely from Ana's perspective, the storytelling style is impressionistic. It's her emotions and thoughts that writer/director Villaverde concentrates on to the exclusion of almost everything else, throwing up some baffling non sequiturs. For instance, Ana's friend (De Medeiros) flits in and out of the film with no explanation why's she's there. The film might be somewhat puzzling, but it's also beautifully acted and quietly moving in its own lyrical, understated way.

By: GM


Release details

117 mins

Cast and crew

Teresa Villaverde
Teresa Villaverde
Galatea Ranzi
Joaquim de Almeida
Alexandre Pinto
Clara Jost
Joel Miranda
Maria de Medeiros
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