We Interrupt This Empire…


Time Out says

A powerful and timely survey of the San Francisco Bay Area's extensive resistance to the 2003 invasion of Iraq, which led to the shutdown of the city's financial district. Leading to more than 1,000 arrests, it was one of the global anti-war movement's most significant campaigns, and this collective documentary captures the energy and creativity of the protest, while situating direct media strategies within an analysis of corporate broadcast policy, militarisation and the clampdown on civil liberties.


Release details

50 mins

Cast and crew

Video Activist Network, Jino Choi, Solidad Decosta, Urban Elf, James Ficklin, Rana Freedman, Mike Kavanagh, Jessica Lawrence, A Mark Liiv, The Aggressive Panhandlers, Miles Montalbano, Monica, Doug Norberg, Pods, Lisa Sousa, Jeff Taylor, Natalia Vekic, Christian Bruno
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