Weak at Denise


Time Out says

This concerns a model aeroplane enthusiast's none too hilarious entanglement in a chain of inheritance-related murder plots, which look like falling apart when his new wife Denise (Cotterill), touched by his kindly ways and romantic warblings, has doubts about poisoning his sweets as arranged with her scheming boyfriend. Could it be she's falling in love? So much for the plot. For all its would-be surrealist shock tactics, the directorial debut of Julian Nott, composer of the music for the Wallace and Gromit shorts, provides mere nostalgia-soaked dregs. Proving the rule that what works for a Plasticine nerd doesn't transfer too well to humans, anti-hero Colin (Thomas) cuts a desperately lame figure.

By: SS


Release details

87 mins

Cast and crew

Julian Nott
Graham Williams, Julian Nott
Bill Thomas
Chrissie Cotterill
Craig Fairbrass
Tilly Blackwood
Claudine Spiteri
Edna Doré
Indira Joshi
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