Wedding Moon


Time Out says

Energetic but somewhat tiresome tale of a close-knit bunch of bikers, repeatedly partying around the outskirts of Tunis to a heavy metal soundtrack. Facing opposition from parents, bosses and the like, it turns out that the kids are all right! - when they help to matchmake a (patronisingly portrayed) couple of misfits with disabilities. Then an argument leads to disaster, and the story finally kicks in. Repetitive, none too effectively acted, and saddled with an uneven, meandering narrative that combines clichés and melodrama, the film never once lives up to the promise of its opening credits.

By: GA


Release details

90 mins

Cast and crew

Taïeb Louhichi
Taïeb Louhichi, Rafic Sabban
Mess Hattou
Rym Riahi
Mohamed Hedi Moumen
Mohamed Ali Nehdi
Mohamed Ali Ben Jemaa
Mohamed Choura
Samia Rehaiem
Hichem Rostom
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