Wedding Rehearsal


Time Out says

Escapism par excellence, with high society weddings, country house romances on warm summer nights, and the working class strange 'men in green baize aprons with long hairs on their arms'. Korda has an acute mid-European appreciation of English foibles, and is able to poke fun at, yet still celebrate, traditional concern with dogs, cats and debutantes. A witty, if structurally inconsequential script, superb performances from Grossmith and delicately twittering old Lady Tree, Korda's enthusiasm, and the presence (it's little more) of breathtakingly beautiful Oberon, sweep one into a hypnotic if sickly world of Gerties and Berties, where problems revolve around whether Rose-Marie should marry Bimbo and Mary-Rose should marry Tootles.

By: RMy


Release details

84 mins

Cast and crew

Alexander Korda
Arthur Wimperis, Helen Gardom
Merle Oberon
Roland Young
George Grossmith
John Loder
Maurice Evans
Lady Tree
Wendy Barrie
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