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Cheng's follow-up to Shanghai Panic is more conventionally structured and edited but no less provocative in its account of the fall-out from the moral atom bomb that has hit Shanghai. It follows a number of loosely interwoven lives: a cocky young man who fancies his chances as a gigolo, but ends up working as a male whore; a faded would-be diva who gets a second chance working as a 'cosmetic surgeon'; a young woman whose foray into prostitution leads to her death; a gay man (Cui, pioneer of Queer Chinese Cinema) who married a woman after the Cultural Revolution to help her get back to the city, but abandoned her as soon as she had their child; and the withdrawn, disturbed son of this marriage of convenience. Realising that he's flirting with melodrama, Cheng divides the film between documentary-style scenes and stylised theatrical tableaux, linking the two with digitally manipulated images of the city. The black humour of the early scenes gradually shades into a delicate melancholy as the film consolidates its analysis of China's new sexual economy.

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Release details

86 mins

Cast and crew

Andrew Cheng Cheng Yusu
Andrew Cheng
Zhou Yi
Wang Feng
Ping Yuan
Zhang Liya
Cui Zi'en
Jin Yi
Xiong Dailin
Yang Zhiying
Huang Sihong
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