Film, Action and adventure

Time Out says

Boetticher and Scott together again, but without a Burt Kennedy screenplay or Harry Joe Brown producing, this isn't part of the director and star's justly admired Ranown cycle (named after their joint production company). As the running time might indicate, it's not a complex piece. Scott is called in to secure the stagecoach route for crucial gold shipments financing the Union cause, but corrupt businessman Duggan, who has married Randy's old flame Mayo, has other ideas and hired gunmen to back them up. Just when you think events are proceeding along expected lines, however, Boetticher throws in some startlingly astringent violence which sharpens the picture's sense of purpose. Eye-catching support from resourceful farmgal Steele (Mrs Boetticher at the time) and a memorably jaunty score make this pretty good value for a minor programmer.


Release details

72 mins

Cast and crew

Budd Boetticher
Berne Giler, Albert Shelby LeVino
Randolph Scott
Virginia Mayo
Karen Steele
Andrew Duggan
Michael Dante
Michael Pate
Wally Brown
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