Time Out says

This amiable road movie follows two misfits - Catalan shoe salesman Paco and vertically challenged Russian-Italian Nino who meet under inauspicious circumstances - as they travel with no particular purpose through Brittany, the former giving himself and his new love a little space to consider their future, the latter in search of his own inamorata. Nothing extraordinary happens, the highlights of their journey being a drunken dinner with a barmaid and her cousin, and a survey conducted about the ideal man, but it's often funny and touching, mainly because the focus is on the credible, charming but never sentimentalised characters. Modest, but immensely engaging.

By: GA


Release details

134 mins

Cast and crew

Manuel Poirier
Manuel Poirier, Jean-François Goyet
Sergi Lopez
Sacha Bourdo
Elisabeth Vitali
Marie Matheron
Basile Siekoua
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